• Recommended Hardware Configurations +

    Please contact DAT/EM directly on any questions related to the PC hardware and software prior to purchasing the PC computer to ensure system compatibility.

    • PC Computer: Dell Precision T7910 Workstation  <----- Click here to open Dell's configuration page.
    • Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate, Professional or Enterprise, Windows 8 and  8.1 Professional and Enterprise (Windows 10 is not recommended/supported at this time).
         • Classic Start Menu for Windows 8 <------ This is a recommend add-on for better usability (it’s free).
    • Processor: 2 Six Core Intel® Xeon with 2.4GHz processors or higher
    • Memory: 32 GB of SDRAM or higher
    • Hard Drive: 1 TB or larger hard drive (7,200 RPM speed)
         • Primary (Stereo) Monitors: Any 3D Vision-Ready Display¹ with NVIDIA's 3D Vision Kit.
         • Secondary (CAD) Monitors: (LCD must have a refresh rate of at least 120Hz)
              • Any LCD Monitor when using 3D Vision-Ready Display¹.
    • CD-Rom: DVD drive
    • Ports: USB and serial ports to support hardware connections
    • Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro K4200
    • Software for CAD/GIS interfaces: See the current version release notes for a list of compatible AutoCAD, MicroStation, ArcGIS, and Global Mapper versions.

  • Laptop Configuration +

    Here is the basic configuration for a Laptop, for those that may have need of a mobile solution.


        • Dell Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation 


        • NVIDIA Quadro K4100M with 4GB GDDR5 or K5100M with 8GB GDDR5
        • Windows 7 64 bit
        • Intel i7-3740QM Processor Quad Core 2.7GHz or better
        • 8 GB of RAM or better
        • 512GB (SATA3) Mobility Solid State Drive or better

             LCD options for the laptop configuration.

                    External Option:

            • NVIDIA 3D Vision Bundle (120hz LCD + Glasses + Emitter)
            • Display Port to Dual-Link DVI Adapter
                • DAT/EM uses the Startech "Dual-Link DVI" adapter (Manufacturer Part# : DP2DVID2)


    1. GFORCE Graphics Cards not supported by DAT\EM Software.

  • Software +


    • Summit Evolution Professional, Feature Collection or Lite

    • DAT/EM Capture for MicroStation

    • DAT/EM Capture for AutoCAD

    • DAT/EM Capture for ArcGIS

    • MapEditor automated editing software for AutoCAD and MicroStation

    • SuperImposition

    • Contour Creator

    • Summit ProPack Satellite Modules

  • Input Devices +

    The following 3D input devices are available for purchase from DAT/EM:

    • SoftMouse 3D (formerly Immersion SoftMouse) mechanical mouse

    • Stealth 3D Mouse 'Emulation Version' S1 (large) and S2 (small)

    • Stealth Z-Mouse 'USB Optical Version' S1 and S2

    Stealth Z USB Driver

    Stealth S3V USB Driver

    • DAT/EM Dual X,Y Handwheels / Z Foot-disk

    These 3D input devices may be used with Summit but are not sold by DAT/EM:

    • Leica TopoMouse (USB)

    • Z/I Mouse

    • ISM HandWheels

    The following items are also available with a Summit system:

    • DAT/EM 252-Button Keypad (Optional - Click here for more details.)

    Keypad USB Driver

    • DAT/EM Touchpad

    Touchpad Driver

    • DAT/EM Touchscreen

    Touchscreen Driver

  • Stereo-Viewing Systems +

    NVIDIA 3D Vision BundleNvidia 3D Vision Bundle

    1. NVIDIA 3D Vision Bundle (What it comes with)

    3D Vision-Ready Display¹

    One pair of active 3D glasses

    USB Emitter

    1. GFORCE Graphics Cards not supported by DAT\EM Software.

    2. Compatible graphics card.

    NVIDIA 3D Vision for Quadro

    3. The current recommended PC Computer

    4. A second monitor for viewing CAD package (does not have to refresh at 120Hz).


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