Support Alert: Windows 10 Creators Update Disables Stereo

By Alissa Oder

This message is for all Windows 10 users who use DAT/EM stereo applications.

Windows Update build 1703 automatically installs a Windows Creators update that disables OpenGL stereo for nVidia 3DVision with nVidia Quadro video cards. It can cause even worse symptoms, such as a plain black screen with a mouse arrow only. The plain black screen was reported by non-DAT/EM users online and happened on a DAT/EM test computer. Most users report stereo is simply disabled in DAT/EM and other 3D applications such as Trimble DTMaster.

For DAT/EM users who reported this problem and could still see colors in the display, stereo no longer worked in Summit Evolution after Windows Updates and the subsequent reboot. The nVidia drivers were still the right versions, the stereo settings were correct, and the emitter light turned bright green when Summit started. Everything seemed normal, except that only one image displayed from a stereo model.

Here is an independent third-party article that describes how to uninstall the Creators update:

Roll back to Windows 10 build 1607 to solve the problem.

For new computers that are delivered with Windows build 1703, we do not currently have a solution (May 25, 2017). Please contact Microsoft if this applies to you.