Analyze 3D UAS Data

To meet the needs of the rapid deployment and data processing of UAS projects, DAT/EM Systems International brings the world-famous Summit Evolution technology to the world of UAS. Summit UAS contains simple and mobile tools to critically examine and compare UAS data by drawing, viewing, editing and defining features. Summit UAS requires no training in photogrammetry and is tailored to resource-grade data analysis. 3D feature collection may be done in either a stereo or non-stereo environment. With either viewing option, Summit UAS is the right choice to explore and analyze your UAS data and digitize accurately georeferenced 3D vectors.

  • Requires pre-processed UAS orthophotos and DEM.
  • Optionally, use a DAT/EM tool to create a stereo-mate offset from the orthophotos and DEM.
  • Opens orthophotos and DEMs from several of the most popular pre-processing systems on the market.
  • Activates option to view the orthophotos in mono with manual 2D movement and automatic Z movement based on the DEM. Or, use option to view the generated stereo pair in stereo with manual 3D movement.
  • Utilizes built-in DAT/EM Drawing Tools to draw 3D vector objects.
    Exports 3D vector objects into Esri® shapefiles, Autodesk® .dwg and .dxf files, and Bentley® .dgn files.
  • Upgrade path to the DAT/EM Photogrammetric Suite.
  • Stereo equipment optional.

For optimal use, Summit UAS requires a third-party UAS processing package to create an orthomosaic and point cloud or DEM from the UAS imagery.
Summit UAS offers two user options:

  • View the orthomosaic in mono view and use the point cloud to determine the elevation value of the Summit UAS digitizer and digitized vectors.
  • View stereo with the orthomosaic and its generated stereo-mate image, which Summit UAS generates from the mosaic and the point cloud.

Summit UAS has direct project and camera import tools for all major third-party UAS software packages, and maintains an open policy regarding support for others. Contact us for a current list.

Summit UAS OneButton™ Bundle 

DAT/EM Systems International, in collaboration with Icaros, Inc., have produced a product known as the Summit UAS OneButton™ Bundle. Derive valuable 3D information from your UAS-collected data by combining OneButton™ by Icaros with Summit UAS™ by DAT/EM Systems International. With OneButton™, the user can go from images to accurate, georeferenced and smooth mosaic products by using ready-to-go configurations designed for common project types. Seamlessly open your project in Summit UAS™ to start analyzing your UAS data.

OneButton™ Features
• Extremely Easy to Use – No user interaction after easy initial project setup.
• Go from images to accurate, georeferenced and seamless mosaic products (terrain models, orthoimages, orthomosaics).
• Pre-defined options for various project types.
• Uses your graphics processing units and multiple CPU cores for very fast processing.
• Automatically creates a Summit UAS™ file during OneButton™ processing.

View Summit UAS OneButton Bundle Brochure

  • Farming: determine crop yields; conduct fertility time analyses; evaluate biomass and health assessments.
  • Forestry: perform harvest time analysis, stand typing or revegetation planning.
    Surveying: inspect remote areas; validate data.
  • Mineral Extraction: show stockpile inventory; monitor mine conditions and environment.
  • Conservation: monitor and analyze hazardous, remote and/or inaccessible regions.
  • Utilities: assess utility corridor infrastructure; monitor vegetation encroachment.
  • Transportation: measure and evaluate signage; determine surface defects.
  • Emergency Response: develop emergency preparedness schemes; display situational awareness; conduct hazards mapping.

Interested in trying Summit UAS? Visit our Request a Demo page.

Summit Evolution – Feature Comparison

 ProfessionalFeature CollectionLiteMobileUAS
Measure & Modify Orientationsred dot
AT Measurement & Exportred dot
Orthophoto & Mosaicred dot
Airfield 3D (ArcGIS only)red dotred dot
Terrain Visualizer & Contour Creatorred dotred dot
Image Creatorred dotred dot
DAT/EM Drawing Toolsred dotred dot
Project verviewred dotred dot
Edit/contour verificationred dotred dot
MapEditor (AutoCAD & MicroStation)red dotred dot
3D Capture for AutoCAD, MicroStation or ArcGISred dotred dotred dot
Image management toolsred dotred dotred dotred dotred dot
SuperImpositionred dotred dotred dotred dotred dot
Terrain followingred dotred dotred dotred dotred dot
Import supported softcopy & 3rd party projectsred dotred dotred dot
User documentation & one year technical supportred dotred dotred dot
3D Stereo viewingred dotred dotred dotred dotred dot
LandScape Integrationred dotred dotred dot