• Is it Time to Update Your Video Card? +

    Do you have an idea for a tech tip? Submit it to support@datem.com to the attention of Alissa Oder. October 2014 Is it Time to Update Your Video Card? Summit v.7.0 and 7.1 (due out soon) have added some new superimposition “OpenGL shaders” such as vertex marking, fast text rendering, Read More
  • The North Star Award +

    DAT/EM Systems International won the 2014 Governor's North Star Award for International Excellence for export of services. The award honors DAT/EM Systems International for its significant contribution to Alaska's trade, investment, and international relations. The governor will present DAT/EM Systems International their award at a later date. Learn More: Read Read More
  • Global Mapper Presentation Now Available +

    The new Global Mapper Extension for Summit Evolution was unveiled at the Blue Marble User Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The presentation and demo showed how to activate Summit Evolution within Global Mapper and use it as a 3D digitizing device. The new extension will be a part of the Read More
  • DAT/EM xyHt Article +

    XYHT: FROM TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAMMETRY TO UAS The August edition of xyHt included an article about DAT/EM. The piece provided a historical overview of the photogrammetric industry through the experience of DAT/EM. It also shared insight into some product ideas DAT/EM is considering and developing. Thank you to Gorrondona & Associates Read More
  • DAT/EM Hires New Photogrammetric Software Engineer +

    DAT/EM SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL HIRES NEW PHOTOGRAMMETRIC SOFTWARE ENGINEER June 2014. DAT/EM Systems International® welcomes Dr. Zhijun (Jeff) Wang as Photogrammetric Software Engineer. He joins DAT/EM from Quebec City, Canada where he completed his post-doctoral degree in Geomatics from the University of Sherbrook and held the position of Chief Scientist in Read More
  • Tech Tip May 2014 +

    Your Summit workstation has been working fine for many months, but now suddenly there are display problems. Perhaps Summit changes unexpectedly to pseudo stereo or moving a window leaves trails of window frame graphics behind it. The computer might even crash while Summit is loading images. It's time to install Read More
  • DAT/EM Increases Technical Support Department +

    DAT/EM Systems International Increases Technical Support Department May 2014. DAT/EM Systems International® welcomes Linda Mckeefery to the technical support team. Mckeefery has over 10 years of experience in the information technology and technical support industry. Prior to joining DAT/EM, she held the position of System Analyst and Service Center Analyst-Operations Read More
  • DAT/EM Expands Brand to Europe +

    DAT/EM Systems International Expands Brand to Europe May 2014. DAT/EM Systems International is excited to announce expansion of the DAT/EM brand to Europe. DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH, a separate legal and business entity, will increase awareness of the DAT/EM brand and provide exemplary customer support in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Read More
  • DAT/EM Releases New Generation of Photogrammetric Suite +

    DAT/EM Systems International releases new generation of DAT/EM Photogrammetric Suite April 2014. DAT/EM Systems International® released the 7.0 edition of DAT/EM software products including Summit Evolution™, Landscape™, Capture™, MapEditor™, Ortho+Mosaic™, Airfield3D™ and Contour Creator™. The advancements in the new generation of the DAT/EM Photogrammetric Suite represent the latest evolution in technology Read More
  • DAT/EM Selected by Ordnance Survey, Great Britain +

    DAT/EM Systems International Selected as Photogrammetric Software Provider for the Ordnance Survey, Great Britain April 2014. Ordnance Survey, Great Britain has selected DAT/EM Systems International® as their primary photogrammetric mapping software provider. The Summit Evolution™ software will be used for GIS and land base feature capture and editing for their mapping Read More
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