June 2017 Reseller Newsletter: Summit Evolution

DAT/EM introduced Summit PC in 1999, and two years later, in 2001, released a completely reengineered, reorganized, and rewritten product we called Summit Evolution. We half-jested that Evolution met Intelligent Design. Summit was wildly successful, especially after we were endorsed as the successor to the end-of-life DiAP and DVP DPWs and took over all their customers. Today we have over 4200 licenses of Summit Evolution worldwide.

Now the world is changing and clients are seeking additional solutions to the traditional methods of aerial photogrammetry and restitution using stereoplotters. The demand for resource-grade photogrammetry is stable. We believe Summit Evolution Professional and Feature Collection are mature products with a great pedigree, worldwide acceptance, and a distinguished future. Summit Evolution Professional is our flagship tool and is and will be at the core of everything we do.

Users are now seeking solutions in the non-traditional market. We see the future is bright for Lidar, drones and VR. These markets are the growth opportunity for stereoplotters and 3D digitizers. Confident in our success with our flagship products, we want to shine our light on Summit Evolution Lite and LandScape. With a smaller footprint and broader appeal to the survey-level market, we believe these products can make great inroads in the near future. To help spotlight these products, we will start by offering a number of promotions. Please share your thoughts on these topics by writing us at sales@datem.com.