June 2017 Reseller Newsletter: Promotions

We are using Stan’s departure as an excuse to sell more Summits! Effective immediately we are offering a special Say Goodbye to Stan promotion in which all standard Summit Evolution Professional and Summit Evolution Feature Collection licenses are on sale for 50% of standard worldwide prices! Purchase order must be received by Friday, July 28, 2017. Offer does not apply to Summit Evolution Lite, Mobile, or UAS, stacked Capture, MapEditor, LandScape or third-party software. 12 months Maintenance and Technical Support is included with purchase.

As if that’s not enough, we will also give current supported owners of Summit – any Summit except SUAS – an opportunity to purchase LandScape at a reduced price of $2000 – a 20% discount from our standard price! The catch, if it is one, is that the Support term for the added LandScape license will be synchronized with the corresponding Summit. If the remaining support term is only 2 months, the new LandScape will be supported for only 2 months. However, if your client has a two-year extended Support subscription then the new LandScape will be supported for two years as well! AND, don’t forget that extended Support contracts qualify for a 10% discount on each year after the first.