DAT/EM Expands Technical Support Team

Anchorage, Alaska, USA. September 22, 2015 – DAT/EM Systems International® welcomes Jennifer Dowling to the technical support team. Dowling has over 25 years of experience in the GIST industry with jobs in cartography, surveying, hydrography and more.


Jennifer Dowling, Technical Support

Jennifer Dowling is a 2014 Master's Degree graduate in the GIST Program at the University of Southern California and expects to earn her graduate certificate in Geospatial Intelligence in December 2015. She was a hydrographer in NOAA's Commissioned Officer Corps (2000-2008) where she collected, processed and prepared hydrographic data for inclusion on nautical charts and conducted geodetic field work to establish and recover ground control data to support nautical and aeronautical charting. She was also a National Geodetic Survey liaison in Alaska where she provided guidance and field support for local surveyors. Dowling’s first career was as a cartographer with USGS in Denver (1989-1996) and Anchorage (1996-2000). She was involved in all aspects of topographic mapping, including project planning, fieldwork, photogrammetry, map finishing, and distribution. She also converted published topographic maps to digital format and assisted scientists in digital map collection.

“Jennifer Dowling has an extensive cartographic background with special expertise in geospatial intelligence,” says Jeffrey Yates, DAT/EM General Manager. “She is the perfect addition to our technical support staff.”

Dowling’s wide array of photogrammetric software expertise will aid her in assisting our clients with their technical questions.

About DAT/EM Systems International. DAT/EM Systems International, located in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, has been developing photogrammetric software since 1987. DAT/EM specializes in 3D stereo viewing and feature data collection software. Its products include the Summit Evolution digital stereoplotter and proprietary Capture interfaces that allow Summit Evolution to digitize directly into MicroStation®, AutoCAD®, ArcGIS® or GlobalMapper®. For more information, please visit DAT/EM’s website at www.datem.com or email sales@datem.com.