VISIT Tool in DAT/EM Capture for Global Mapper

VISIT allows you to save and re-visit a sequence of locations in your project, drive to absolute XYZ coordinates or move to features with specified characteristics. Use VISIT to catalogue your primary editing locations or to show clients and coworkers key project areas. The tool is available in a number of products by DAT/EM Systems International and is demonstrated here in Capture which integrates DAT/EM Summit Evolution to Global Mapper® and adds 3D stereo editing tools to your geospatial project. (Global Mapper is a registered trademark of Blue Marble Geographics.)

Understanding Imagery Display Direction in Summit

Stereo imagery is always displayed as left and right images so that we can view the images in 3D. Not all acquisition flight lines fly in perfect east to west patterns, so Summit lets you determine which preferred north display direction you want in your project.

Point Translator

A part of the Summit Evolution and LandScape programs in the DAT/EM Photogrammetric Suite, Point Translator is a multi-faceted tool to add and manipulate point data in your sessions. In this video, learn how to bring in and use your point data.

MEVOLUME Tool Overview

DAT/EM provides adaptable, easy to use tools for estimating surface volumes. In this video, learn about the MEVOLUME Tool for surface volumetric calculations in DAT/EM Capture and DAT/EM MapEditor for Bentley® MicroStation®.

Image Creator Tutorial
Do you use the “i” information tool enough? The information icon is available in DAT/EM Summit, Image Creator, and Image Viewer. This handy information tool can help you diagnose imagery issues and help you decide on the best Image Creator output format. How do you use this information? Find out with our new Image Creator tutorial.

How to Download and Install NVIDIA Graphics Drivers
In the newest training video from DAT/EM Systems International, learn how to download and install NVIDIA graphics drivers so you can view stereo or fix problems with your existing stereo viewing. This video will show you how to check the current driver numbers, find new drivers, install the driver bundle and test the installation.