"I wanted to thank you and the team at techport/Datem for your ongoing support of our inventory efforts.;

Silvatech has been involved in various inventories across Canada using softcopy technology for the past 10 years. We have found the stereo viewing capabilities of Datem Summit Lite to be excellent. We particularly like the multiple viewing windows, the ability to view NIR and RGB image bands simultaneously, the on-the-fly image adjustments, and the no hesitation zooming and panning. We have also found the tech support to be responsive and knowledgeable in working with us to overcome project challenges. "

—Brad Grant,
Inventory & Mapping Team Leader
Silvatech Consulting Ltd..

"With the nature of the mapping business, it's hard to count on clear skies, accurate ground control, patient clients, and timely payments, but we can certainly always count on DATEM."

—Steve Lepper, C.P.,
Aerial Technologies, Inc.

"Just to let you know how delighted and pleased I am with your DATEM system. The user-interface is well thought through and well implemented especially in comparison to the other  vendor products I have used or trained on, such as Intergraph/ZI, Leica/LPS and BAE/Socet Set. BAE boasts that they have significantly improved their interfaces in their GXP products but I would choose DATEM over them every time. If DATEM continues with the same vigilance/brilliance on the Orthophoto product and hopefully A.T. and other modules, I for sure will be willing to adopt DATEM-only products.

For example, it was easy setting up the DATEM system on our first project flown with an UltraCam camera and with a few calls to Kathy a project was set up with AGPS/IMU input in no time and we are easily doing the QA/QC on the project using your excellent tools. It took more twist and turns with the Socet Set and even when I used Intergraph/ZI (for 10 years) at my last position with Baker as Mapping/AT Manager.

I can appreciate your efforts because I worked as a Sr. System Engineer and Programmer for Intergraph on the IMA development over 25 years ago and experienced the level of effort, persistence and coordination required to develop a production-friendly product like yours.

Keep up the great work and pass along my sentiments to your development folks."

Matthew Elious, CP
Geospatial/GIS Manager
MA Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Cary NC – Dulles VA – Charleston SC

"Our principle is that all of our LAN computers have the Windows® operating system. DATEM CaptureT has helped us to get each part of the map production into MicroStation® .

DATEM has considered almost all of our updating suggestions.

If we compare DATEM CaptureT  to previous data capturing systems, Capture is quicker, easier, and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is clearer."

Jouko Jehkonen,
Managing Director
Suomen Kartoitus ja Mittaus SKM Oy