Tech Tip: Ongoing Issues with Windows 10 Creators Update Disabling OpenGL Stereo

For a short time, DAT/EM had some hope of good news for the issue of the Microsoft Windows 10 Creators update disabling OpenGL stereo. We thought that Nvidia’s beta QNF driver version 382.05 dated 4 May 2017 and a WHQL release 377.48 from 14 June 2017 were working. It turns out that these drivers only work on some hardware and Windows OS build combinations. We now have more customers saying they do not work for OpenGL stereo with these drivers, and the working systems seem to be in the minority.

Most of our customers are still having to roll back the Windows Creators update in order to restore stereo. For those who set up a new computer with the latest Windows OS, there is nothing to roll back to, and their OpenGL never works. Another customer has reported the black screen issue after a Windows Creators update, after which he lost the contents of his hard drive before being told that the restore point was invalid and he couldn't roll it back anyway.

DAT/EM is forced to break a years-long cycle of advising Windows updates before installing our software. Our advice as of June 27, 2017, effective until Microsoft and nVidia have a working combination for OpenGL stereo with Quadro cards:

  • Windows 10 users with nVidia Quadro cards should prevent Windows 10 updates.
  • If your Windows 10 is currently working, make a disk image backup immediately. You may need to restore from it later.
  • If you accidentally upgrade Windows 10 Creators and OpenGL stereo is broken, try the above drivers with the "Custom" and "Clean" installation options and make the three DAT/EM-required nVidia driver settings. If that doesn't work, try to roll back the Windows Creators update. If Microsoft asks why you are rolling back, give full, detailed information including the words "OpenGL stereo", the stereo applications you've tried, your nVidia card model, and the nVidia driver numbers you've tried.

This applies to Windows 10 only.

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