Version 7.1 Release Notes - January 2015


The following changes have been made to DAT/EM products between Release 7.0 and Release 7.1. Please review these revisions made to the software and update your software to implement changes.


As always, DAT/EM welcomes comments and suggestions from you, our clients, so please don’t hesitate to contact our support department at, or by calling in or faxing us with your requests.


Version 7.1 Release Notes

Version 7.1 Installation Instructions   

   Version 7.1 Release Notes

Reason For Socet Set and ISM import Issues

DATEM Capture For Global Mapper-beta 7.1

DATEM PCI ProPack Installation Instructions


Operating Systems and Microsoft Updates

Release 7.1 is supported on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 Ultimate and Professional
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 Professional and Enterprise

Install all critical Microsoft Windows Updates before DAT/EM software installation.

Microsoft Office 2007 users must install all available Microsoft Office updates before installing DAT/EM version 7.0.


  1. Release 7.1 is the first version that is not supported on the Windows XP operating system. DAT/EM stopped support for Windows XP on the same date that Microsoft stopped support for it, which was on April 8, 2014. No further testing occurs in Windows XP.



Hint: If you are a Windows 8.x user and you miss the Windows 7 Start menu, you may be interested in the third-party “Classic Shell” application. We’ve used it on our computers and tablets and really like it. Classic Shell™:


Hardware Locks/Dongles

Please install Microsoft Updates and Service Packs for your operating system before applying lock reset programs. Network licensing should have the same Sentinel driver version on both the server and the local computers running the software.


  1. DAT/EM has changed its hardware lock configuration. If you have a hardware lock that was “written” by DAT/EM 13 August 2014 or earlier, you must apply a WriteLock.exe to update the lock.


The newly written lock is not backwards compatible. If for any reason you want to return to v.7.0 or earlier, use the v.7.0 WriteLocks that are supplied with your v.7.1 update file set.


Q: I have been using DAT/EM version 6.8 or 7.0. Do I need to apply a WriteLock?

A: Yes! You need both a new WriteLock and a 7.1 installation keycode.


Q: I have a network lock. Do I need to apply a WriteLock before I install version 7.1?

A: Yes! You need both a new WriteLock and a set of 7.1 installation keycodes.


Q: I have a softlock demo. Do I need to apply a WriteLock?

A: No. The WriteLock does not apply to softlocks. You may upgrade to version 7.1 using a 7.1 installation keycode only.


Q: I have a version 7.1 beta. Do I need to apply a WriteLock?

A: It depends on the date of the beta. Check Windows Start>All Programs>Datem Software>Release Information>Release Date (month/day/year format). If it was created after 13 August 2014, you probably already applied a WriteLock and you do not need to do it again. If you have an earlier beta, you need to run the WriteLock.

2. DAT/EM version 7.1 installation updates the Safenet Sentinel hardware lock driver to version 7.6.7. Please reboot when asked.


If you have a network lock on a network server, install Sentinel v.7.6.7 on the server at the same time you install the DAT/EM v.7.1 update on your DAT/EM workstations. The Sentinel driver must match. There are three choices for installing the driver on the network server:



CAD Versions

Release 7.1 has interfaces to the following CAD versions. These are both 32- and 64-bit versions unless otherwise noted:

  • AutoCAD: Autodesk 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 32-bit 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 products. Note that 64-bit AutoCAD 2008 is not supported. Install all available service packs.


DAT/EM software will install for multiple AutoCAD products of different year numbers on the same computer; however, it will not install for multiple same-year versions together. For example, it will not install for both 2012 and Map3D 2012. Note that files may be copied manually to activate more same-year versions (contact DAT/EM Support for instructions).


BE ADVISED: Versions 6.6 and higher no longer support AutoCAD 2000-2002 versions. If you use these old versions, please upgrade to AutoCAD 2004 or higher. AutoCAD version 2007 or higher is needed in order to use the new AutoCAD MapEditor.


  • ArcGIS: ArcMap 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 (service pack 1), 9.3.1(service pack 2), 10.0 (service pack 4), 10.1 (service pack 1), 10.2, 10.2.1, 10.2.2, and 10.3 (plus any available service pack as they are released).


BE ADVISED: In response to user requests, DAT/EM has decided to support ArcGIS 9.x at least until mid 2015. At that time, we will again review plans to drop support for ArcGIS 9.x. Please continue to make plans to upgrade ArcGIS to a 10.x release. Contact DAT/EM if you have concerns about upgrading.


  • MicroStation: DAT/EM software installs for the following versions: MicroStation V8; V8 2004 Edition; XM; V8i Select Series 1 (1 not recommended), 2, and 3; Bentley Map and Map Enterprise Select Series 1 (1 not recommended), 2, and 3.


Note for Select Series number upgrades: If you upgrade to MicroStation or Bentley Map to a higher Select Series number, you must reinstall any DAT/EM software after installing the Select Series upgrade.


Note for Power GeoPak Select Series 3: DAT/EM Software installs for Power GeoPak SS3, but its application loading process has a conflict with Power GeoPak, which has timing problems loading other vendor’s applications. When DAT/EM applications load automatically, the “GeoPak” menu disappears from the menu bar and error messages may appear. Through a customer, DAT/EM learned that Bentley Systems had provided a workaround, which is a macro to delay loading a file; the customer can now run Power GeoPak successfully. Contact DAT/EM if you would like to try this method to activate DAT/EM Capture with Bentley Power GeoPak.


  • Global Mapper: 32- and 64-bit Global Mapper 15.2 dated June 25, 2014 or later and Global Mapper 16.x. DAT/EM recommends a version 16.0.6 built 12 December 2014 or later. If both 15.2 and 16 are installed at the same time, the extension for 15.2 will be used in both.


Video Drivers

Please note our video driver installation/update recommendations:

  • DO NOT install the driver on media packaged with a video card. It will be too old.
  • 1st: Get the latest driver for your video card and operating system from
  • 2nd: If the driver on does not work, contact for advice. We may ask you to download an older driver from , depending on your hardware.
  • If you need to change (update or back out) a video driver, please follow the instructions at Support > Downloads > Manuals > Installation Instructions>“StereoLCDInstallationInstructions.pdf”. This shows how to replace drivers and verify that the new drivers have been installed properly. It is very important to check on the “Custom” and “Clean” installation choices.
  • On existing workstations, check your video driver periodically. The easiest schedule is to check it before installing each DAT/EM software update. If you use a single-panel LCD display and the video driver is older than the one currently offered at, please update it using the “Custom” and “Clean” installation options.

Further notes:

  • When checking your installed video driver version, remember that the actual version consists of the last five digits with the decimal point moved two spaces to the right. For example, 6.14.17642 is really version 276.42. In the past, nVidia sometimes omitted a zero (0) from the version; for example, version was really 307.32.
  • To check the installed video driver version on Windows 7, right click anywhere on a blank area of the desktop. Select Screen Resolution > Advanced Settings > Adapter tab > Properties > Driver tab > Driver Version.
  • For video settings, see Support > Downloads > Manuals > Installation Instructions. Most users will want either “PlanarInstallationInstructions.pdf” for Planar dual-LCD monitors or “StereoLCDInstallationInstructions.pdf” for single LCD stereo monitors.