RhinoCapture by SARL Rhinoterrain: Collect buildings using Rhino software connected to the DAT/EM Summit Evolution stereoplotter.

RhinoTerrain has been developing 3D GIS software for 10 years. Its products include RhinoTerrain, dedicated to terrain modeling from huge datasets, and RhinoCity, a smart CityGML 3D modeler with highly automatic texturing capabilities. RhinoCity is an industrial solution specializing in the next generation of 3D city modeling. Efficiently create topological buildings according to the world CityGML standard (SIG3D), and with a tool unique to RhinoCity, automatically generate Level of Detail 3 (LoD3) models. Intuitive texturization capabilities let you create photorealistic 3D city models. Extended by a new 3D GIS engine, RhinoCity offers a powerful connection to PostgreSQL and ESRI GeoDatabase for easier attribute manipulation.

By combining DATEM Summit Evolution with RhinoCity, users leverage the strength of both products to capture precise 3D building polygons from roof templates. The interface, RhinoCaptureā„¢, joins RhinoCity, the 3D city modeler, and Summit Evolution, the photogrammetric workstation. View the city model in 3D stereo and utilize efficient, user-friendly tools to further manipulate, enhance and learn from complex 3D city models.