Easy-to-Use Orthophoto and Mosaic Generation
  • Product Description +

    Straightforward add-on application to create orthophotos and orthophoto mosaics from Summit Evolution stereo projects.
  • Key Features +

    —Creates orthophotos from the following Summit Evolution project types: Aerial, ADS40/80/100, DAT/EM-PCI ProPack, ENVI Epipolar, ALOS 1, and Satellites with RPC.

    —Improves orthophoto results with a wide variety of point file and vector file input formats. Multiple input formats may be used at the same time.

    —Applies orthophoto image corrections such as histogram, brightness, and channel mapping settings active in the Summit Evolution project.

    —For mosaics, offers hot spot removal, exclusion areas, image balancing, histogram matching, and other image corrections.
    Advanced automatic mosaic seam line generation, manual editing, and seam import/export tools.

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