Reduce Overall Editing Time From Hours to Minutes
  • Product Description +

    DAT/EM MapEditor is a toolkit for AutoCAD or Microstation with many time-saving tools. MapEditor for AutoCAD is an ADS application working completely within AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based applications.


    MapEditor for Microstation is an MDL application that works completely within MicroStation and MicroStation-based applications. MapEditor runs on Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, and Windows 7.

  • Key Features +

    —Contains over 80 tools designed to improve the appearance of your map

    —Includes reusable Selection Sets to make precise, automatic feature selections

    —Commands can be used either individually to combined to perform complicated lists of tasks

    —Save and reuse any list of tasks on an number or different drawing files

  • MapEditor for AutoCAD™ +

    —3D TO 2D conversion of polylines

    —BREAK polylines along cutting edges

    —BREAKLINE FILTER changes the layer of DTM points that are located near linework

    —CROSSCHECK searches for crossing polylines

    —DTM DISTRIBUTOR combines two or more DTM point sets into a grid

    —EDITLINE draws or combines existing polylines into a new polyline section

    —EXTEND or trim polylines to meet other polylines

    —FILTER reduces number of polyline vertices and maintains initial appearance

    —FIX Z values on 2D polylines so vertex shares elevation with starting segment

    —GRIDIT inserts a map sheet grid with northing and easting text

    —VISIT to look at result coordinates

  • MapEditor for MicroStation™ +

    —BREAK elements at selected vertices, near points, or on an intersecting element or fence

    —BREAKLINE FILTER delete/modify points from the area in or near line string/fences/shapes

    —CHANGE ATTRIBUTES standardize or change combinations of level, color, weight and line code

    —CHECK ATTRIBUTES a report of unverified objects for interactive editing

    —CLOSE LINE STRING turn line strings to shapes

    —CURVE TO LINE STRING turn curves into line string (also works in reverse order)

    —DELETE objects based on attributes

    —DTM DISTRIBUTOR merge multiple DTM point distributions into one evenly spaced DTM grid

    —FIX COMPLEX HEADER verifies, repairs, and compresses, complex line strings and shapes

    VISIT to look at result coordinates

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