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MapEditor DAT/EM photogrammetry software
MapEditor DAT/EM photogrammetry software
MapEditor DAT/EM photogrammetry software

DAT/EM MapEditor is a toolkit with automated editing shortcuts for AutoCAD® or MicroStation®. MapEditor for AutoCAD works completely within AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based applications such as Map3D and Civil3D; MapEditor for MicroStation works entirely within MicroStation and MicroStation-based applications such as Bentley Map. Both versions offer a collection of interactive, semi-interactive and automatic specialty mapping tools such as contour labeling and redundant feature detection. MapEditor is included with Summit Evolution Professional and Feature Collection and is also sold separately.

  • 3D TO 2D removes Z from polylines.
  • BREAK polylines along cutting edges.
  • BREAKLINE FILTER changes the layer of DTM points that are located near linework.
  • CLEANUP fixes polyline errors that AutoCAD AUDIT misses.
  • CROSSCHECK verifies intersections and optionally adds vertex nodes or breaks.
  • EDITLINE draws or combines existing polylines into a new polyline section.
  • ELEVATE drapes objects based on a DEM.
  • EXTEND trims or extends polylines to meet other polylines.
  • FILTER reduces number of polyline vertices and maintains initial appearance.
  • FIX Z values on 2D polylines so vertex shares elevation with starting segment.
  • GRIDIT inserts a map sheet grid with northing and easting text.
  • JOIN combines polylines.
  • POLYLINE LENGTH finds polylines by length or by number of vertices and distance.
  • REPLACE, RESIZE or CHANGE blocks and text.
  • VISIT moves to result coordinates.
  • VOLUME CALCULATION calculates volumes based on an upper surface and a base elevation.
  • BREAK elements at selected vertices, near points or on an intersecting element or fence.
  • BREAKLINE FILTER deletes/modifies points from the area in or near line string and shapes.
  • BUILDING FRAME creates 3D faces inside closed 3D polylines and extends sides to the ground.
  • CHANGE ATTRIBUTES standardizes or changes combinations of level, color, weight and line code.
  • CHECK ATTRIBUTES reports unverified objects for interactive editing.
  • CLOSE LINE STRING converts open line strings to closed line strings or shapes.
  • CROSSCHECK verifies intersections and optionally adds vertex nodes or breaks.
  • CURVE TO LINE STRING turns curves into line strings (also works in reverse order).
  • DELETE removes objects based on attributes.
  • FIX COMPLEX HEADER verifies, repairs and compresses complex line strings and shapes.
  • JOIN combines line strings in the main file or end snaps to reference elements.
  • TOUCH extends or trims lines to create intersections and optionally adds vertex nodes.
  • VISIT moves to result coordinates.
  • VOLUME calculates volumes based on input files and levels.