The DAT/EM Keypad is a multipurpose re-programmable touch pad. Versatile, it can be used either as an accessory to DAT/EM softcopy products or as a productivity enhancer for third- party.

The DAT/EM Keypad is a reprogrammable replacement for the Polytel Keyport 300, which is no long manufactured. Unlike the Polytel Keyport, the DAT/EM Keypad is not DOS-based; it was engineered for use with the newest Microsoft Operating Systems. The DAT/EM Keypad includes a convenient user interface for easily setting button functions.

  • Compatible with all Intel-based computers running Windows operating systems.
  • Keypad membrane has 252 easily programmable keys.
  • Durable tactile touch character keys are rated for 5 million hits.
  • Changeable 8 ½” by 11” overlay/menu is easily customized and printed on any printer.
  • A limitless number of keypad layers are supported through the user-friendly programming interface.
  • Communications via USB or 9-pin serial.
  • The DAT/EM Keypad can be used with DAT/EM Systems Capture and Map Editor for AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, and ArcGIS®.
  • A generic, custom-tailored interface provides expanded functionality for general use by launching executable programs or processing systems commands for other third-party Windows applications.
  • In addition to being easy to use, the DAT/EM Keypad is low- profile, durable, and cost effective.