June 2017 Reseller Newsletter: Summit UAS

Based on feedback we have received from you and the marketplace, we have decided that we shall deprecate our current version of Summit UAS and replace it. The new version is a superset of Summit Lite, rather than a subset. The current $3200 version had limited functionality – it could ingest the orthophoto and DTM from the UAS preprocessing software (OneButton, Pix4D, UASMaster, etc.) and present it, in stereo, to the operator for digitizing. But it had no Capture interface and could use only a Summit Orthophoto project.

The new version is simple – it is a bundle of Summit Evolution Lite and LandScape, and so has Capture for all supported vector editors and can read all Summit and LandScape Project files. Of course it is stereo and captures and edits data with 3D coordinates. No 3D cursor is required, but a stereo monitor is. Price for the Summit UAS Bundle = US$5990. This is $510 off the single-unit price. Any license of SUAS purchased at the $3200 price before the July 3 release date will qualify for a free upgrade to the new SUAS! After July the old SUAS will be unavailable.

Note that although the name says Summit UAS, it is equally useful for most other GIS applications that require stereo interaction with imagery and/or point-cloud data and/or a digital terrain model. Both Summit Lite and LandScape are tested and ready for a larger role in the GIS market.

We firmly believe that this is the right tool for the future: small and lightweight, high functionality, high utility, great value. 3D stereo is coming and no one else has the depth, experience, quality, and value of DAT/EM Software. You should be thinking about how to present this one to new clients as well as your traditional ones – this product could open new markets for you.