June 2017 Reseller Newsletter: Summit Lite

Summit Lite is terrific for domain-specific interaction, in stereo, with one’s imagery. Remember the wide variety of project types created with Summit Professional – Summit Lite can read and operate on all of them, including orthophoto projects which are created by UAV processing software such as Icaros OneButton (v5.0 just released, BTW), Agisoft, and Pix4D. But Lite is also terrific for GIS users, and so we already support ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s 64-bit version of classic 32-bit ArcGIS, which we support from v9.1 onward.

Ken Byres at Techport has had wonderful success with Summit Evolution Lite in the Forestry industry in Canada. Please think about placing Lite in local government GIS shops, resource extraction industries, environmental organizations, QC overseers, etc.