Icaros Adds Summit Stereo Project Export to OneButton

Getting your UAS imagery into a Summit stereo-model or orthophoto project has just gotten easier with the new Icaros OneButton™-to-Summit project export tool. OneButton uses the DAT/EM project writer library to create the two Summit project files. Before now, Icaros OneButton only exported one file, an orthophoto project. With the addition of the stereo project export, you can use the vast set of tools in Summit Evolution to collect highly accurate information from your UAS data.

You only need to turn on the “Enable exporting output to Summit” option in OneButton Settings, and  process your UAS imagery in OneButton.


There will be two Summit projects waiting for you in a SUMMIT folder:


Just open the project you want in Summit, and you’re ready to go:

onebutton-threeOrthophoto project

onebutton-fourstereo model project - anaglyph stereo for demonstration purposes only