Here’s to the Next 30 Years

Last year, we celebrated our 30th anniversary. We’ve found our niche by developing photogrammetric software to explore stereo imagery and precisely measure the x, y, z values of the objects within that imagery. Our Summit Evolution software is used in countries all over the world to create precise base maps, which can be used for a variety of purposes from planning smart cities to overseeing a mining operation. In 2018, we will continue to support and develop our feature-rich applications and continue our expansion into a new, complementary technology: UAS.

Summit Evolution

On the horizon for Summit Evolution is change detection as well as semi-automated feature collection. These two additions will save operators valuable time, but still offer users the control they’ve come to expect from our software. We will also continue to closely integrate with AutoCAD, MicroStation, GlobalMapper, ArcGIS & ArcGIS Pro and DAT/EM API developers to provide a seamless data transfer between the DAT/EM software line and all major GIS and CAD packages.

Summit UAS

We've updated our Summit UAS solution to include two powerful applications, Summit Evolution Lite and LandScape, which among their many features offer ways to further explore and edit the point cloud and orthomosaic created by UAS processing software. The user can utilize both Summit Evolution Lite and LandScape to visualize and alter data separately or together to superimpose a point cloud onto stereo or orthomosaic imagery. In 2018, Summit UAS will advance the UAS mapping field to include precision projects such as infrastructure inspection or urban planning.

Do you have any comments or ideas to make our software even better? In addition to industry trends and technological advancements, we rely heavily on customer response to improve our software. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Submit Feedback