Summit Evolution:

DATEM Summit Evolution 6.4

DATEM Summit Evolution Lite Edition 6.4

Summit Evolution And MicroStation Snaps

ArcGIS specific :

DATEM Capture for ArcGIS with Lite Edition 6.3

DATEM Capture for ArcGIS 6.3

Airfield 3D

AutoCAD specific:

DATEM Capture for AutoCAD with SE Lite Edition 6.5

DATEM Capture for AutoCAD 6.5

DATEM MapEditor for AutoCAD 6.5

MapEditor AutoCAD 4.5 to 5.2

DATEM Capture for AutoCAD with SE Lite Edition 4.5 to 5.2

DATEM Capture for AutoCAD 6.0

Global Mapper Plugin:

DAT/EM Capture for Global Mapper-beta 7.0

Contour Creator (Stand-Alone):


DATEM Keypad Stand Alone :

DATEM Keypad Touchpad Touchscreen

DATEM Keypad Controller 4.3

Installation Instructions :

DATEM PCI ProPack Installation Instructions

Licensing for a DATEM Software Demonstration

Keypad Advantage

Keypad TouchPad driver installation instructions for Windows 10

ZI Imaging Mouse Installation Instructions

How to Use Topomouse Driver with DATEM Summit Evolution

Stealth Mouse USB & Serial Installation Instructions

Planar Installation Instructions

Immersion Mouse Installation Instructions

DATEM Hardware Lock Installation Instructions

Stereo LCD Installation Instructions

DATEM Software Installation

Crystal Eyes Installation Instructions

3Dconnexion Installation Instructions

DATEM Handwheels Installation Instructions

Zscreen & Two Monitors Installation Instructions

LandScape :

DATEM LandScape 5.4

MicroStation specific :

DATEM MapEditor MicroStation 6.4

DATEM Capture for MicroStation with SELiteEdition 6.4

DATEM Capture for MicroStation 6.4

Version 7.1 Stereo Mate Creator patch (contains 32- and 64-bit versions)

This patch fixes a problem generating stereo mates in version 7.1. To install, follow the directions included in the .zip file.

Keypad Controller Fix

Download this file if you use the DAT/EM Keypad Advantage, DAT/EM version 6.7, and either Windows XP (SP2 or higher) or Windows 7. The Keypad Advantage uses an Android Tablet as a keypad device. Copy this file into the Datem Software folder after installing DAT/EM Release 6.7. This update must be paired with the DAT/EM KeyPad application update v.1.3 available for the Android tablet on the Google Play Store. These updates together add support for 32- and 64-bit Windows XP (SP2 or higher). They also fix a Keypad diagram display buffering issue.