DAT/EM Premium X, Y Handwheels and Z Footdisks.

Product Description

Ease of Use

Incorporating in-depth experience with customer suggestions, they were engineered with operator comfort and ease of use in mind.

The Handwheels can be adjusted on three axes with a simple lever; there is no need for tools. The operator can easily set the height, depth, and angle of the handwheels to provide an individualized fit.

Mounting the Handwheels is as simple as clamping them to a desk or table. The handwheels can also be screwed or bolted to the underside of a table if it is not convenient to secure them with the clamping mount.


The versatility of the DAT/EM Handwheels and Footdisks not only complements the Summit Evolution digital stereoplotter, they are also easily incorporated into other softcopy and analytical stereoplotters.

Manufactured for Precision

The Handwheels are made from machined aluminum and are precisely balanced to offset handle weight. Handwheel disks are designed with the size and mass to provide an extremely solid, smooth feel for the operator. The disks are commercially anodized for a hard, scratch-resistant finish with a smooth, silky feel that will not chip or peel away like powder coated models.

A machined aluminum handle with a ball bearing shaft complements the handwheel disks. The ball bearings create a smooth, even feel for the operator, for improved control and tactile feedback.

The Footdisk also is machined aluminum and anodized for a long lasting finish. Precision ball bearings and careful weighting allow the footdisk to spin extremely well. This feature, combined with a wide foot area situated close to the floor, allows the operator superb control and helps combat foot fatigue.

Built for professional mappers with an appreciation for fine quality instruments.