KeyPad for AutoCAD

Perform repetitive AutoCAD® editing tasks automatically and quickly with the new DAT/EM KeyPad for AutoCAD. This new KeyPad can communicate directly with AutoCAD, and runs either alone or with DAT/EM MapEditor. Compatible with AutoCAD 2017/2018, including the regular, Civil3D and Map3D versions, the KeyPad allows you to string multiple AutoCAD commands together and deploy them with the press of a single tablet or on-screen button. Now all AutoCAD users can enjoy increased productivity using the KeyPad.

DAT/EM KeyPad Features:

  • Speeds up repeated AutoCAD tasks.
  • Set up keys for commonly or repeatedly used AutoCAD environment settings, such as layer settings, zooms, snaps, and activating drawing and editing tools.
  • Sends commands into AutoCAD even while working in a different application.
  • Overlays are unlimited and completely customizable.
  • Set layer and block names from your own AutoCAD templates.
  • String together multiple commands onto a single key. A key can set a layer, set a snap type, and start the editing command you always use for that layer.
  • Saves multiple mouse clicks used to need to find layers, blocks and commands on long lists and busy menus.
  • One year of technical support included with purchase.

Pair KeyPad with other DAT/EM Software:

  • Unlike the traditional KeyPad, the new KeyPad does not require DAT/EM Summit Evolution and DAT/EM Capture.
  • The new KeyPad can be used alone with AutoCAD or together with DAT/EM MapEditor for AutoCAD.
  • The new stand-alone version of the DAT/EM KeyPad works similarly to how it works with Summit Evolution and Capture, except you make the KeyPad commands call only AutoCAD or MapEditor keyins (no Capture commands).
  • Existing KeyPad users, don’t worry! The traditional KeyPad is still included with DAT/EM Capture. If you have Capture on active support, you will continue to receive the KeyPad with your DAT/EM updates.

The KeyPad can be used on screen only or with KeyPad hardware such as the DAT/EM KeyPad, TouchPad, or the KeyPad Advantage, which is a user-supplied Android tablet, Bluetooth adapter and KeyPad software. Ask your DAT/EM reseller about purchase options. Click here to locate your DAT/EM reseller.