About Us

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, DAT/EM Systems International is a highly technical company that has been developing digital mapping and photogrammetric software and hardware since 1987.

Currently, DAT/EM serves over 500 photogrammetric firms, engineering companies, government and non-governmental agencies in more than 70 countries worldwide. DAT/EM also recognizes the need to provide technical universities throughout the world with current software tools. When integrated into the learning process, graduates are able to merge into the workforce with a current, technical and employable skill-set.

Summit Evolution is a full-featured digital photogrammetric system designed to be powerful, flexible and customizable to your needs.  It makes mapping easier and provides precise data collection with fast, vivid 3D stereo viewing along with other DAT/EM software including: Landscape, Capture, Contour Creator, MapEditor, Airfield3D and Ortho+Mosaic

Some of the uses of DAT/EM’s software range from building 3D maps of villages in Ethiopia to India where it is being used to create the 3D databases for Google Maps found in your iPhone.

DAT/EM Systems employs highly technical, creative personnel who settle for nothing less than cutting-edge technology. We take pride in our reputation for delivering quality systems, superior customer service and our development and implementation of state-of-the-art solutions.

With an ever-changing technological climate, DAT/EM Systems has stayed committed to continued development, execution and export of intellectual property for digital mapping applications.  We recognize the importance of evolving with our users. Clients are an integral part of the development process and we welcome suggestions and feature requests.

DATEM Systems International