Tech Tip August 2016

Tech Tip: Using Ground Rings or Ground Grids

How do you specify the size of a ground ring or ground grid to represent a hectare or other measurement?

Aerial Film Camera Tech Tip

Inpho Products, Windows 10, Aerial Film Camera Principal Point

Three tech tip topics: Inpho Products, Windows 10, Aerial Film Camera Principal Point

v7.3 Photogrammetry software preview

Three Things to Look Forward to in Version 7.3

The release of 7.3 is just around the corner, and we are sharing a sampling of what to look forward to in the next edition of DAT/EM software.


Tech Tip: Drape Superimposition and Elevate Layers

What should you do if your existing vector objects either lack elevation or have elevation set to the wrong values…


Windows 10 Status Report (June 2016)

This is our final Windows 10 report. DAT/EM now accepts Windows 10 for modern video cards…

Tech Tip May 2016

Windows 10 Status Report (May 2016)

DAT/EM now cautiously accepts Windows 10 for modern video cards…

windows 10 tech tip 1

Tech Tip: For MicroStation Users: Custom MS_DGNAPPS Settings Do Not Work

Also, a common complaint from our MicroStation users is that the DAT/EM applications don’t load when MicroStation starts…

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Q & A with Will Klechka, DAT/EM Senior Software Engineer

DAT/EM is right at the forefront of VR technology. Find out why with this question and answer session with Will Klechka, DAT/EM senior software engineer…

windows 10 tech tip

Tech Tip: Windows 10, To Use or Not to Use?

DAT/EM is beginning to change its tune. We used to advise to just say “No!” to Windows 10, but now it’s, “A definite maybe!” without guarantees…


Join Us at Intergeo 2016 in Hamburg, Germany

Stop by the DAT/EM Booth (B3.047 in Halle A3) at INTERGEO Hamburg which takes place on October 11-13, 2016…