The SONIC4 is a professional, high-performance stereo3d display system.

The new SONIC4 features innovative StereoMirror™ technology, which provides high-quality HD 1080 (1920 x 1080) 3D stereoscopic images and produces comfortable extended viewing ergonomics for multiple users because of the large 27" monitors used. Flicker-free operation allows extended use without stereo fatigue. The SONIC line are addressed using several existing stereo modes in Windows, DirectX or OpenGL applications and with a huge number of commercially available graphics cards. Left eye/right eye information is presented to the correct monitor directly. The upper monitor is been mirrored with an included external hardware - no drivers needed. Using the output from the appropriate graphics card, the SONIC monitors include all the hardware you need to view stereo.

•    High Resolution in 1080p and 27" (68.6cm) display size

•    Full HD resolution stereo viewing

•    Flicker free, high contrast imaging

•    Useable in standard office lighting

•    Multi-user, wide angle viewing

•    Employs off-the-shelf graphics cards

•    Plug-and-play with most OpenGL and DirectX applications that support stereo

•    Simple polarized glasses are used to view stereo 3D images

•    External Image Flip-Box for upper display supporting up to 1920x1200 resolution.

OpenGL. The SONIC4 unit is compatible with OpenGL stereo. An appropriate graphics card is required to drive the two monitors with DVI signals. For professional applications that use OpenGL stereo support, the graphics card should support OpenGL stereo as well. Stereo viewing of professional applications is typically done in the so-called clone mode where most of the same information is duplicated on the left and right monitor, except for the stereo imagery. In other words, the desktop, windows, and menus are identical, but the bottom monitor shows the left eye image while the top monitor exhibits the right eye image.