3D PluraView

The innovative stereo photogrammetry monitor

Flicker free and high-resolution visualization for a perfect 3D-Stereo experience

3d-pluraview-produktbild-schraeg-tnThe 3D PluraView from Schneider Digital is the further developed successor of the folded PLANAR Beamsplitter-series. Innovative, reliable technology is the foundation for precise, pixel accurate, stereoscopic image evaluation in highest quality, even in daylight. The 3D PluraView Beamsplitter technology delivers the full monitor resolution up to 4K in brilliant brightness, thanks to one display per eye.

That allows users to work comfortably and effortlessly in all 3D-Stereo-Applications. The new BlackTuner-Technology of the 3D PluraView supports the user even in dark picture areas to detect objects easily. A response time of only 1 ms reduces “Ghosting” and fuzziness. That’s the key to a perfect 3D-Stereo Visualization in all professional areas of applications. Stereoscopic 3D Monitor 3D-PluraView Brochure

  • 3d-pluraview-produktbild-seite-tnFlicker free for professional, continuous use
  • Wide Visual Angle – Multi-User capability
  • Highest Brightness – Daylight suitable
  • Certified for Photogrammetry and GIS
  • Synchronous, latency-free image signal thanks to a newly developed, in monitor case integrated mirror card
  • Significantly reduced Ghosting thanks to our exactly adjusted mirror and optimized polarization glasses
  • Easily accessible DisplayPort 1.1 ports
  • Centralized power supply with an integrated power switch for complete disconnection from the main supply. Therefore 0 watt energy consumption with the power switched off
  • Mirror fine adjustment for exact alignment
  • Highest resolution – up to 4K/UHD @ 60Hz

27" Full HD

  • 27” (16:9) Screen Size
  • 1.920 x 1.080 Resolution (2.1 MP)
  • 16.7 Million Colours (8-Bit)
  • Linear Polarization 45°/135°
  • Beamsplitter: half transparency Mirror
  • 170°/160° Viewing Angle
  • The Full HD version has a intergraded mirror card
    and works with all kind of professional graphic cards
  • 2x DisplayPort cable 3m are included
  • Works with NVIDIA Quadro
    AMD FirePro Graphic Cards

28" 4K/UHD

  • 28” (16:9) Screen Size
  • 3.840 x 2.160 Resolution (8.3 MP)
  • 1,073 Billion Colours (10-Bit)
  • Linear Polarization 45°/135°
  • Beamsplitter: half transparency Mirror
  • 170°/160° Viewing Angle
  • Support AMD FreeSync™ Technology
  • Works only with AMD FirePRO & RADEON
    PRO with native DisplayPort or mini
    DisplayPort connection
  • 2x DisplayPort 1.2 cable 2m are included